Let AI handle your business communications and serve your





Easily train ChatGPT chatbots with your custom data. Then let AI trigger internal workflows based on conversations if you need more than an AI powered chatbot.

Chats infused with your data brewed for automation

AI is here to completely transform the way people interact with companies.
For you, the transformation starts with your new chat widget that DOES things for you.

Easily embed chat widget to your website

Just copy paste our chat widget script to your website or any web-based application.

Advanced reports

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Trigger internal workflows with Zapier

Easily define "User intents" that you want to connect to your automated workflows. Then just connect GPTea to your systems with Zapier and have your workflows get triggered by conversations automatically.

Advanced reports

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Infuse with your data or the web easily

Upload your knowledge base, product lists, policies or any other data sets so that your AI chatbots can provide accurate answers based on your data.

Advanced reports

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Powerful GPT-4 integration

Tap into the latest OpenAI models to get next-level answers for any queries.

Advanced reports

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DEMO - Latest movies chatbot

What are you going to watch with your next cup of tea? The bot on this page has been trained with movies released in 2023 and later. Get yourself a few recommendations.

All departments need AI assistants

Get inspired with use-cases below. Do you see any that is just a step away from our current set of features? Get in touch so that we can make the final step together.

Customer support
Assisting customers in navigating the website or app
Guiding customers through step-by-step troubleshooting
Automatically creating and assigning support tickets based on customer inquiries
Updating customer information in CRM upon request or change
Providing product usage tips and best practices
Analyzing sentiment in customer interactions to tailor support
Summarizing relevant support articles for customers
Generating personalized product comparisons for prospects
Generating conversation starters based on prospect interests
Providing industry-specific insights and trends to sales prospects
Updating deal stages in CRM based on customer feedback
Sending personalized sales collateral based on prospect interests
Generating and sending quotes or proposals based on customer requirements
Collecting and analyzing chat conversations with topic and sentiment analysis
Generating content ideas based on industry trends and audience interests
Drafting social media posts and captions
Creating marketing copy for ads, landing pages, and product descriptions
Drafting blog post outlines and article summaries
Generating ideas for creative marketing campaigns
Creating and assigning marketing tasks based on user feedback
Creating tailored email marketing campaigns
Summarizing industry news and trends for marketing insights
Human Resources
Creating personalized training recommendations for employees
Drafting personalized onboarding messages for new employees
Initiating the onboarding process for new employees upon confirmation
Responding to employee inquiries about company policies
Initiating the offboarding process for departing employees
Drafting internal announcements and policy updates
Generating interview questions based on role requirements
Updating employee information in HR systems upon request or change
Identifying trends in employee feedback for continuous improvement
Summarizing performance review feedback for managers
Summarizing and synthesizing employee survey responses
Summarizing legal documents and agreements for easy reference
Identifying potential issues in legal documents
Assisting in drafting legal policies and procedures
Mitigating legal risk exposure through employee guidance
Updating internal stakeholders on legal updates and changes
Initiating purchase requisition workflows based on user requests
Triggering supplier evaluation and selection processes based on user input
Updating vendor information and contracts based on user inputs or changes
Initiating contract renewal or termination workflows based on user feedback
Generating tailored negotiation strategies based on vendor profiles
Assisting in drafting procurement policies and procedures
Summarizing contract terms and conditions for easy reference
Product Development
Analyzing user feedback and prioritizing feature requests
Assisting in creating product demonstrations and tutorials
Assisting in drafting release notes and product updates
Generating creative ideas for new product features
Creating user stories and use-case scenarios
Summarizing the competitive landscape for product positioning
IT support
Guiding users through technical troubleshooting using natural language
Prioritizing IT support requests based on urgency and impact
Analyzing patterns in IT support requests for proactive issue resolution
Automatically creating and assigning IT support tickets based on user issues
Escalating critical IT issues to appropriate teams for immediate attention
Updating IT asset information based on user inputs or changes
Drafting IT policies and best practices
Summarizing software release notes and feature updates
Drafting IT project proposals and justifications
Triggering purchase order approval workflows for submitted requests
Assisting in drafting operational plans and strategies
Analyzing the impact of external factors on operational efficiency
Summarizing operational risks and challenges for mitigation planning
Drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and work instructions
Executive team
Summarizing board meeting discussions and action items
Drafting executive summaries of key business performance indicators
Updating company-wide policies and procedures based on user feedback
Initiating risk assessment and mitigation processes based on user concerns
Drafting executive communication for internal and external stakeholders
Analyzing employee engagement and sentiment for executive review

Want to discuss your use-case?

We will be happy to help you build out your advanced GPT integration use-case.

Business grade solution

We offer a light and reliable business-grade solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and handle conversations reliably.

Security and privacy

Your data security and privacy are our top priority. With advanced encryption and stringent privacy policies, you can trust GPTea to keep your data secure.

Accurate answers

Answers are based on your data and factual context from the outside world. With GPTea, you can expect reliable and consistent responses every time and built-in mechanisms to prevent hallucinations.


Whether you want to add new knowledge bases, integrate with different platforms, or customize the user experience, GPTea gives you the freedom to create the perfect chatbot solution.

Choose the perfect plan for you

We offer a range of plans designed to cater to different needs and budgets. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, you'll find the perfect plan for you with GPTea.


Get started with your chatbot and see how it performs with 50 messages / month and 1 Intent workflow trigger.


Perfect for small businesses and startups with little traffic and one major automation opportunity.

2,000 messages / month
3 chatbots
25 MB of input data per bot
1 Intent workflow trigger
Custom brand
$14.00 USD
Get started

For large businesses with high traffic that want to automate everything.

30,000 messages / month
20 chatbots
100 MB of input data per bot
20 Intent workflow trigger
Custom brand
GPT-4 option
$299.00 USD
Get Started
Custom plans

Do you need more in terms of complexity or volumes? Get in touch with our team of AI-powered automation specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I want to integrate with API?

That is possible. We are happy to help you out with API integration.

What kind of files are supported?

We currently support all text based files including spread sheets.

How is my data stored and who is it shared with?

Your data is stored on our secured servers. We only share snippets you your encoded data with OpenAI that are relevant for the particular question that is being asked.

Do I need my own OpenAI API key?

Currently you will need your own OpenAI API key in all paid plans.

Contact us if you have questions.

We respond within 24 hours.